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Show us your favorite activities—outdoors or in—and help us build the new KBIC-area activity map

1. Pick an activity Find your favorite activity and bring a friend. Where do you go if you want to start to get active? You may enjoy walking, running, dancing, going to the gym, swimming, hiking, fishing, hunting, hooping it up or a number of other activities. Being active helps you to stay healthy, happy and fit. Here's a list of the categories we would like to put on the map:
Swimming (Outdoor - Indoor),  Hiking, Walking, Jogging, or Running  (Outdoor - Indoor), Waterfalls, Parks, Indigenized Functional Fitness -Wood chopping, Snow shovelling, Recycling/ Adopt a highway, Yardwork, Cross Country Skiing, Kayaking,  Pow Wow Dancing, Snow Shoe trails, Biking, Gardening, Sledding, Gathering, Fishing -Spear and Walleye, Big Fish, Lake Trout/WhiteFish, Ice Fishing, Hunting–Native and Non-Native, Snowboarding, Basketball Hoops, and anything great we should add.

2. Get pictures! Use any camera, but capture the energy and excitement in our community. Pro Tip: Don't get anyone in the shot that doesn't want to be there. Represent your health, home, and culture.

3. Share your location Be the first to tell us where to find the best action spots in Northern Michigan and we'll credit you for the find! Plus we'll post your great photos and tips to the new activity map we're building.

Start here:

Who can participate?
Open to All of Baraga County Residents and KBIC Tribal Members. Represent your health, home, and culture. Photos should be current and preferably a location easily accessible from the Baraga County Area. 

Send us your pictures with location information:
We'll review the images and post the best ones to inspire even more exploration of the natural wonders of Northern Michigan.

You agree to:
By submitting an entry, you grant the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) the right to use, edit, and distribute submissions in print, online, and through other forms of media for educational, public service, or health awareness purposes. By submitting an entry, you release the KBIC and its agents and employees from all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever in connection with the above. The contest is to solicit photos of physical activity in our community, which will then create a map located on our community website. The map will be a checklist of opportunities for getting active during any season, sharing favorite hot spots to swim, hike, etc.
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